The Decor-daters

Pip & Ron

“When people enter my zone I want them to feel a sense of beauty, calm and warmth. “

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Name/s: Pip Swayn & Ron Asumadu aka The Decor-daters

Day job/s: Public Servants

Zone you decorated: Master suite

Describe your zone in three words: Soft, serene, soulful

How did you want people to feel when they entered your zone:

The hustle and bustle of everyday life means we often forget to just ‘be’ in the moment so we wanted to create a master suite which the owner would see as a haven and retreat to.

We used a palette of soft colours to create a tranquil bedroom. The layering of natural and textured fabrics make it a perfect place to relax and recharge. The view out to Black Mountain Tower and the hills beyond provide a serene backdrop for reflection, meditation or reading. Light-filled by day, of an evening the city lights and starry sky put on a stunning display to fall asleep by. We hope people feel calm and at peace in this room.

With an abundance of storage the spacious walk-in robe is sure to make even the most disorganised person feel orderly! Pops of colour and practical additions like the beauty station ensure the walk-in robe is a fun space to get ready in. Plants are a key element to create internal and external harmony so we’ve adorned the ensuite with foliage, bringing the outdoors in. We hope you feel just as ‘zen’ as we do.

Hardest part about your day on site decorating:

Working to a deadline had its challenges, especially when it came to putting together the storage baskets - we had so many! With five teams working against the clock in a house of this size trying to locate our decorative items was hectic (plants being the main source of stress). It was absolutely freezing that day so it made the completion even more rewarding.

Best part about your day on site decorating:

We enjoyed working alongside Danielle and Lincoln's family and had great banter with the crew from Flatpack Assembly Services who brought skills and speed to assembling our IKEA furniture. Overall though the best part of the day for us was seeing the whole house come together and how each team executed their mood boards.

Why should you win:

Decorating one of the smaller zones meant careful consideration had to be given to scale while still creating an impact. We think we've done well to achieve this yet kept styling items to a minimum so that the buyers can add their own pieces to personalise the space. As a team with no qualifications in interior design or a professional decorating business we've been hailed 'the rookies' in this competition. We'd like to prove that even the underdogs have style!