Kaitlin + Andy = KANDY

“To describe our zone in three words? :Luxe, dreamy and lush.” - Team Kandy


Names: Kaitlin Mott (Interior Architect) and Andrew Anthony (Yoga Teacher and Town Planner)

Zone: Main Bathroom, Alfresco and Nursery (Bedroom 3) - aka Team Kandy

Describe our zone in three words: luxe, dreamy, lush

How we want people to feel: we have three very distinct spaces with different feels.

However tying them all together is a consistent feel of being soothed, relaxed, and indulged; a place people can retreat to at the end of a hard day.

Hardest part of decorate day: as the only team with a designated outdoor zone space the rain was a massive challenge as we battled mud, wet boxes and icy wind.

Best part of decorate day: deep diving into the project to have so much fun whilst seeing a beautiful and lasting transformation in our zone.

Why should we win: We had a challenging zone with very distinct room functions. All of our spaces were separated with another teams zone in-between. Nevertheless we managed to pull off three gorgeous spaces, each with a unique and visually stunning style ultimately harmonised through the common theme of retreat and luxury.