Sisters from the Southside

Maria & Nicole

“We wanted to create a space that encouraged playfulness and had a sense of fun.” - Maria and Nicole

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Maria Cerne and Nicole Liakos aka Sisters from the Southside

Day job/s: Maria has just completed a Diploma of Interior Design and has her own business - Studio Black Interiors. Nicole is a travel agent.

Zone you decorated: Girl’s bedroom (Bedroom 2)
Kid’s retreat
Powder room

Describe your zone in three words:

Playful, functional, engaging

How did you want people to feel when they entered your zone:

We wanted to create a space that encouraged playfulness and had a sense of fun. Good design is about balancing function and beauty and creating a space that makes you feel good. We have created this feeling through using a relaxed palette of blues and greens and using lots of different textures and layering to create visual interest.

Hardest part about your day on site decorating:

The hardest part of the day was the unpacking, as our zone had around 150 IKEA products. In our excitement we forgot to pack some key decorating tools – like scissors and a stanley knife. Opening boxes with a set of car keys was not ideal!

Styling our zone happened at the end of the night after all the multitude of boxes and cardboard and packaging had been removed and we had a space we would move around in.

Best part about your day on site decorating:

The best part of the day was seeing the empty house transform into a beautiful family home. Creating a space for people to connect with, and enjoy, was a rewarding experience.

The teams all worked together to create spaces that a family would feel completely comfortable and want to spend time in.

Having a beautiful home, makes you feel good. As Darren Palmer says, “Feeling good in your home doesn’t rely on how much money you spend, it’s got everything to do with making it as beautiful as it can be with the resources you have”.

Seeing our empty zone transformed into a beautiful space for children to enjoy was just magical!

Why should you win:

We believe that we have styled our spaces, so they not only look beautiful, but are functional and practical. We had the biggest challenge in the house as we had the three smallest spaces to worth with. We had to be clever in our furniture and accessory choices, to make the rooms come together and feel warm and welcoming.

With young children of our own, we understand the importance of creating a zone that kids love and want to spend time in (great for the kids and even better for the parents!). We are two fun sisters and mums, that love styling and design and creating spaces that people love coming home to.